Should startups invest in patents?

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Toyota recently announced it would allow competitors to use their new fuel cell technology – patent free. This follows a similar move by electric car manufacturer Tesla, when CEO Elon Musk announced last June that

Google Play SEO

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It is critical that users can easily find your App on Google Play, and this can be achieved by following these tips. App Name Probably the most important place to have relevant keywords. The name

b2cloud wins Mobile Design Awards 2014

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We are thrilled to announce that b2cloud has won the Mobile Design Award for Best Wearable Technology for our work with Telstra. The award recognises our innovative work using Google Glass to help empower the visually

Sell your iPhone TODAY!

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Are you planning to buy the new iPhone (5)?

iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 4S

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So what is the difference between the 4 and the 4S? Josh looks at the camera, processor, buttons and Siri.