#14 in Deloitte Tech Fast 500 Asia-Pacific 2013

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What a proud day for the b2cloud team. We have just been announced by the Deloitte Tech Fast 500 Asia Pacific as the 14th fastest growing technology company in the region, and the fastest growing mobile app developer.

Google Glass – How to get involved

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Over the last 4 months b2cloud has been busily building Google Glass Apps for the most forward thinking companies in Australia. Not to mention the neat little Apps we have developed for demonstration at events around Australia including Glass Tabs – Learning guitar through Google Glass.

3 days with Glass

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We have had Google Glass for several months now, but it has spent most of its time with our development team. On Tuesday I decided to wear it all day and night to experience life with it, and understanding the possibilities and impacts of Glass.

Pure code vs. Interface Builder

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When I began Mac and iOS development I used to stick pretty much as much as possible into interface builder files. When beginning development this was certainly the easiest way to start, but brought some problems. Now I don’t go anywhere near interface builder, and every element in my apps is built in 100% pure code. Last night I was at a Melbourne iOS/Mac developer meetup and this topic came up. For a while I thought that pure code wasn’t widely adopted, but I was reassured with most people in the room confirming that pure code is the way they do things. I will explain some advantages and disadvantages to each method.

Making iOS apps Universal

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Turning your old iPhone or iPad app into a Universal app that natively supports both devices is fairly easy, as long as you know where to look and what to change. To clear confusion here