Should startups invest in patents?

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Toyota recently announced it would allow competitors to use their new fuel cell technology – patent free. This follows a similar move by electric car manufacturer Tesla, when CEO Elon Musk announced last June that

Google Play SEO

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It is critical that users can easily find your App on Google Play, and this can be achieved by following these tips. App Name Probably the most important place to have relevant keywords. The name

b2cloud wins Mobile Design Awards 2014

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We are thrilled to announce that b2cloud has won the Mobile Design Award for Best Wearable Technology for our work with Telstra. The award recognises our innovative work using Google Glass to help empower the visually

Here’s our first Vlog !

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So here at b2cloud, we decided to start a video blog to basically interact with our dear readers through video as well as text. You’ll get to know us all a little better, and keep

When a good idea is no longer a good business

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Working out your opportunity-cost early on can save you later.

“the b2cloud experience” – words of an intern

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A marketing intern’s experience after his first week at b2cloud.

The b2cloud app

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For about 4 months now we have had our own app out on the AppStore (previously named Skylight Connect), which contains an rss feed to our blog including push notifications to new posts. A couple of weeks ago we decided to upgrade the app’s look and feel and rebrand it as b2cloud. During the process we realized we never actually made any mention of the app on our blog, which would be a perfect companion for our readers, however most probably never knew of it’s existence.

Peace and quiet, the crowdsource way

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During yesterdays weekly Pizza Blog session I presented an idea to our b2cloud’ers, its an iPhone App called 2Sense. Use the iPhones light and sound measurement capability to measure whether a cafe is dark and noisy, restaurant bright and quiet.

Dive deeper into your Facebook page with Insights

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Most businesses and organisations would have a Facebook page by now. Whether they have the discipline to update it regularly, posting interesting content and interacting with users is another story.

The outstanding, the bad and the useless

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You rarely get a second chance in the App world, so don’t bother releasing Apps that aren’t revolutionary. In reality many Apps don’t make life any easier for the user, nor do they provide anything innovative.

Avalon Airport App Launch

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Today we officially launched the Avalon Airport iPhone App, available on the App Store. Not only will it inform you of live status updates of incoming and outbound flights

WWDC 2011 and mobile

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Earlier this month I attended the WWDC 2011 conference in San Francisco California. The event is held every year and brings together a global community of developers all passionate about Apple and iOS development. Apple