Should startups invest in patents?

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Toyota recently announced it would allow competitors to use their new fuel cell technology – patent free. This follows a similar move by electric car manufacturer Tesla, when CEO Elon Musk announced last June that

Google Play SEO

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It is critical that users can easily find your App on Google Play, and this can be achieved by following these tips. App Name Probably the most important place to have relevant keywords. The name

b2cloud wins Mobile Design Awards 2014

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We are thrilled to announce that b2cloud has won the Mobile Design Award for Best Wearable Technology for our work with Telstra. The award recognises our innovative work using Google Glass to help empower the visually

Udacity Android Tutorial

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Couple of months ago I published a blog about my experience of moving from Java to Android. This is a follow up blog of the first part. Finally I finished the Udacilty Android tutorial series.

Addicted to apps

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Its 12pm and in the 6 hours since waking up, I have spent 2 hours on my mobile. Switching off is becoming increasingly difficult thanks to the numerous Apps all vying  for my attention. Internet and

Longform – Value in Quality

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Earlier this week there was an article in The Atlantic about ‘longform’ journalism, the type of writing where words tally in the thousands and stories take time to be told. It focused on the increasing

Learn a new language from your smartphone (for free!)

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Learning a second language doesn’t have to be an expensive dedication of effort, patience and time. In fact, it doesn’t have to cost you anything at all! There are now a number of exceptional free

Tinder Advertising

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If the two measures of online advertising success are clicks and impressions, then the biggest untapped advertising resource is Tinder, a dating app that allows you to swipe yes or no when you see a

A great product?

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The importance of ‘having a great product’ is as close to an axiom as you are going to find in the tech world. Every discussion, presentation, strategy and success comes back to the ‘greatness’ of

The Evernote Question

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Evernote is one of only two apps I use everyday (the other one is Instapaper). I interact with it on my phone, tablet and desktop. It serves more purposes than I can count. Yet I

The Email Solution?

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The Email problem and the myth of the solution It seems like Everyone says it: Email is broken There is too much, it is too difficult to handle, it lacks intuition, it isn’t natural, it wastes time, it’s depressing…

3 must have OSX Apps!

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3 apps that will change your life!

Pokerstars removed from Australian App Store – what a joke

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My frustration with the government, Apple and Pokerstars.