7th October 2009


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Augemented Wikipedia Reality Has Arrived on the iPhone

Apple’s new augmented reality application for the iPhone. A topic we have discussed in Josh’s post Augmented Reality.

Facebook Movie to Start Filming Next Month

That’s right…this is not a joke.

In The World of Social Media, Women Rule

This article provides readers with some interesting statistics regarding the differing levels of social media usage by men and women.

Sandberg: Facebook can build your business, and now we can prove it

Facebook gets serious about advertising. This might be a good thing for businesses but how will it affect us mere users?

Aus Firms Seek Clarity on Social Media

Something a little closer to home: law firms in Australia using social media. And a lot of metaphors involving water.

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iBeacons, BLE, Bluetooth

Post by 5 years ago

All are trending keywords at the moment, but are they all they promise to be. Ill explain what the technology is, how it works, and how quickly it will fail if we it’s done wrong.

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