Telstra and b2cloud – using Google Glass to improve people’s lives.

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We are thrilled to announce some groundbreaking work we have been doing with Telstra for Google Glass. Over the past six months we have developed two world-first Google Glass apps designed for the visually and

#14 in Deloitte Tech Fast 500 Asia-Pacific 2013

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What a proud day for the b2cloud team. We have just been announced by the Deloitte Tech Fast 500 Asia Pacific as the 14th fastest growing technology company in the region, and the fastest growing mobile app developer.

Google Glass – How to get involved

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Over the last 4 months b2cloud has been busily building Google Glass Apps for the most forward thinking companies in Australia. Not to mention the neat little Apps we have developed for demonstration at events around Australia including Glass Tabs – Learning guitar through Google Glass.

A week of financials and the Amazon question

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Quarterly results were announced this week by a number of the more prominent tech companies. These results tend to bring out everyone’s analyst-within, especially when no one is entirely sure if we are in a tech

    NSUserDefaults is not a database

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    The NSUserDefaults is designed for storing small bits of information, such as if the user turned off sounds in your app, or the current level a user is up to in a game, and other

    Top 7 PHPStorm shortcuts to increase productivity

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    Developers waste a few seconds every time they take their hand off the keyboard and move it to the mouse to execute an action in their IDE. I have heard devs claim that learning shortcuts

    What new features iOS 8 hints at for the future

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    The iOS 8 beta has been out for a while now, along with the developer tools to go with it. I wanted to put my thoughts together on what some of the new APIs could

    Two weeks with an iPhone – An Android user

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    First let me introduce myself. I am an Android user and i never had an iPhone as my daily driver before. Few days back, one of my colleague advised me to try the iPhone. I thought that’s

      Transitioning from Objective-C to Swift

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      When Apple mentioned Swift dropped the C baggage from Objective-C they meant it. Unfortunately there were many C tricks I used in Objective-C projects that now need a workaround. I’ve been looking at different ways

      Read This If You Want People To Respond To Your Headline Like Mad…

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      Here’s the trick to funnelling traffic off the social web. Write better headlines. Sure, you need to be participating in conversations and engaging with customers, prospects and partners on your web compaigns and social media.

      Getting a server response status 200 from Android Volley library

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      I use Android Volley library whenever there is a requirement for web requests in my projects. It is flawless when it comes to make JSON or normal String request to the web server but whenever

      Nailed for driving with Google Glass

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      This week I will be diarising how I use Google Glass with a daily entry for a national news outlet. It immediately raised the question, is it legal to drive with Google Glass? Considering the hand

      7 Tips From Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines

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      With Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines now available on the iBook Store, here some important tips to keep in mind when designing an app.