#14 in Deloitte Tech Fast 500 Asia-Pacific 2013

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What a proud day for the b2cloud team. We have just been announced by the Deloitte Tech Fast 500 Asia Pacific as the 14th fastest growing technology company in the region, and the fastest growing mobile app developer.

Google Glass – How to get involved

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Over the last 4 months b2cloud has been busily building Google Glass Apps for the most forward thinking companies in Australia. Not to mention the neat little Apps we have developed for demonstration at events around Australia including Glass Tabs – Learning guitar through Google Glass.

3 days with Glass

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We have had Google Glass for several months now, but it has spent most of its time with our development team. On Tuesday I decided to wear it all day and night to experience life with it, and understanding the possibilities and impacts of Glass.

Sometimes, Starting Small Can Lead to a Better App

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One of the most common question app developers usually ask themselves is, ‘what is the most efficient way to reach out to my customers?’ Or, ‘how do I known my customers really want the app

Traps To Avoid When Monetizing Your App

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1. Never asking your monetization platform for help Here’s a really quick and easy one. Try asking your monetization platform for some help and ideas on better ways to make more app revenue. Perhaps they

GetResponse vs Aweber: Which one is better?

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I’m sure you know how important an autoresponder is to your online business – how it can help you grow your business and fatten your pay check quickly. Now, you want to set up an

Want to Fix Budget, Scope and Time for Your IT Project? Then Read This First…

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Risk Free or More Risk? When it comes to select software providers, many people would be naturally hooked by a seemingly attractive sales pitch such as “We will complete your project on time, on budget

How Long Does It Take To Build An App?

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When your app ideas comes into your mind, the excitement builds up. All the screens come together in your head. You estimate it will take 4-5 weeks to complete. You start envisioning your app in

The Most Effective Link Building Tactics

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Today I am going to share with you the most effective link building tactics you can ever learn. If you master this, you can rank your clients and yourself for literally WHATEVER you want. This

Top Mobile SEO Trends To Look For

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Earlier this month, Google unveiled the biggest changes to the AdWords platform in the last five years in a bold move to make AdWords work in the mobile world we live in today. In this

Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing Funnel

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Inbound marketing, especially for B2B companies, is difficult to get right. With so many online social outlets, content strategies, and performance metrics, knowing where to begin is a significant challenge. It is important to get

How to Write an App Description That Sells

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Copywriting is the art of persuading someone to take an action. As you might know, it has been used for deceased by some most successful companies around the globe. How can you use this age

Before Opening Your Own Online Store

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One of the most important factors in creating a successful online business is knowing what to sell. Finding the perfect product(s)/ niche market to sell is often the most important and difficult step towards creating