2015 App Design Award Winners!

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Another great win for the b2cloud team, being recognised by the App Design Awards for our incredible work with Catch of the Day owned Yumtable. The industry awarded b2cloud 2 Silver awards for the Best

[livestream] Google I/O conference: Day 1

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It’s that time of year again, and I’m lucky enough to be in San Francisco representing the b2cloud team at Google IO conference. I’ll be live blogging during the day so stay tuned for all

Google Play SEO

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It is critical that users can easily find your App on Google Play, and this can be achieved by following these tips. App Name Probably the most important place to have relevant keywords. The name

b2cloud wins Mobile Design Awards 2014

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We are thrilled to announce that b2cloud has won the Mobile Design Award for Best Wearable Technology for our work with Telstra. The award recognises our innovative work using Google Glass to help empower the visually

How to resize images on a PC

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Reducing the size of an image is important for a number of reasons. If you are email photos to someone you may need to reduce the file size so that it be sent to their

How to take screens shots on Macs, Windows, iPhones and Androids

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In this tutorials I’ll show you the basics of taking screenshots on a range of devices including computers and tablets/smartphones. I’ll also show you some extra little tricks for taking a screenshot of only the content you want captured. Tutorial covers Windows, Mac, iOS and Androids.

CSS tips and tricks for styling forms

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Some simple CSS tips and tricks for styling your forms. The tutorial includes rounded corner fields, styling based on input field types, applying on focus styles and using images as submit buttons.

Specifying keyboard type for web forms on mobile devices

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Who gets annoyed when they have to switch their mobile keyboard over to the number pad each time they have to enter a phone number in a web form? With some very simple HTML5 code I am going to show you have you can enhance someones user experience with your web forms so the right keyboard for the job shows up automatically.

Drupal vs WordPress Terminology Guide

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Chances are if you have been using WordPress or Drupal for a while you have become familiar with the terminology and when to use what where. However if you have to switch from one to the other it can become somewhat confusing. You can still achieve generally the same outcomes but all the terminology has changed. Also a handy beginners guide to terminology and features.

Poll: Do people still print web pages?

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I was reading a great tutorial last week about a variety of techniques that you can use for styling your website when printed. One of the best features was getting it to display the full URL next to any link within the page. However, this tutorial got me thinking… does anyone still print out a web page? Lets take a poll to find out what our readers do.

Art Set App Review

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Art Set is a fantastic app for iPad which caters for the needs avid artists. It takes it’s art seriously and doesn’t dumb it down for kids which is very refreshing. I particularly like the user of realistic items for selecting tools and colours.

Mobile Friendly Contact Details

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Have you ever visited a website on your phone and tried to call a phone number, but because of the formatting it doesn’t work? In this tutorial I will show you how to make your contact details mobile phone friendly including the address, phone number and email.

Web Design Trend: Sticky Navs

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A web design trend that I have started noticing more frequently are ‘sticky menus’ where the navigation sticks to part of the page will the content scrolls. This great feature for websites with lots of scrolling…

Cartoon about Browser Standards

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In this week’s blog posts we have all focused how web standards effect our jobs. With all the new HTML5 & CSS3 features available now, browser standards have lead to increasing frustrations in implementing these