DreamLab – Solve cancer while you sleep

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Now more than ever, we have the power to change humanity with technology, and today we are helping cure cancer. Over the last 5 years cancer has taken away many people close to me, and

b2cloud are a BRW Fast 100 winner

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It’s honouring to receive recognition for b2cloud as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Australia in the BRW Fast 100. October has proven to be a highly rewarding month for our team, after

2015 App Design Award Winners!

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Another great win for the b2cloud team, being recognised by the App Design Awards for our incredible work with Catch of the Day owned Yumtable. The industry awarded b2cloud 2 Silver awards for the Best

Sideloading Apps on Android

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Android allows a little bit more freedom when distributing debug versions of apps than iOS. Instead of requiring a provisioning certificate Android allows you directly to install apps from emails and links. This process is

WWDC 2012 Predictions

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Apple has just announced WWDC 2012 for June 11th – 15th. I’ve been thinking a bit about what they could possibly unveil, here are my predictions of what to expect and what not to expect:

Top 5 iPad games of the month

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5 awesome games with good graphics, for your new iPad

5 tips to making a great App

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Sometimes we are asked amend our Apps, or add features that we know will make it a bad app. We kindly refuse such requests 😉 . There is a very fine line between a great App and a Bad App. This is how to make the latter

Disabling document locks in OS X Lion

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In OS X Lion Apple introduced the concept of document versions, the ability to go back in time on documents and view or restore a version from the past. With this they introduced a “Lock” on documents that hadn’t been changed in over a week or so and requires you to unlock the document or duplicate it and save it elsewhere.

Why SSL is not a 1 size fits all security solution

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If you are a programmer, you may be tempted to simply rely on SSL for all your security needs since all it really requires is the addition of an HTTPS string in a URL and

Health and fitness apps

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There has been a high surge in health and fitness App available on the iPhone. Keep an eye out and make sure they include accurate information.

Xcode’s Analyzer (and how to prevent it)

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Xcode’s “Analyzer” is normally a great way to determine where most memory leaks will occur in your project without actually running it. If you follow Apple’s Memory Management Guidelines the Analyzer is pretty accurate. By no means is it a replacement for the Profiler, but offers some quick checks.

How to take screens shots on Macs, Windows, iPhones and Androids

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In this tutorials I’ll show you the basics of taking screenshots on a range of devices including computers and tablets/smartphones. I’ll also show you some extra little tricks for taking a screenshot of only the content you want captured. Tutorial covers Windows, Mac, iOS and Androids.

Monitoring all iOS touches

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There are probably a dozen ways to capture and monitor touches on the iOS. Some require a lot of work, including method swizzling, or using private/undocumented APIs which might result in your application being rejected from the AppStore.