#14 in Deloitte Tech Fast 500 Asia-Pacific 2013

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What a proud day for the b2cloud team. We have just been announced by the Deloitte Tech Fast 500 Asia Pacific as the 14th fastest growing technology company in the region, and the fastest growing mobile app developer.

Google Glass – How to get involved

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Over the last 4 months b2cloud has been busily building Google Glass Apps for the most forward thinking companies in Australia. Not to mention the neat little Apps we have developed for demonstration at events around Australia including Glass Tabs – Learning guitar through Google Glass.

3 days with Glass

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We have had Google Glass for several months now, but it has spent most of its time with our development team. On Tuesday I decided to wear it all day and night to experience life with it, and understanding the possibilities and impacts of Glass.

Face Detection in iOS 5

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With iOS 5, Apple has introduced their CoreImage class to developers. This class offers many image processing functions, but there is one in particular that caught my attention, the CIDetector class. Currently this only does face detection, but the hints to further feature detections in the future.

With minimal code you can easily detect faces within a picture, including the locations of eyes and mouths, here is how:

Entering Onionland

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Recently Anonymous launched OpDarknet, basically what happened was someone in the collective noticed a large amount of CP in Onionland, and contacting the main hosting provider (Freedom Hosting) proved fruitless in removing the content so

iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 4S

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So what is the difference between the 4 and the 4S? Josh looks at the camera, processor, buttons and Siri.

This is a weird glitch on the iPhone 4S

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iPhone 4s app icon glitch

Web Design Trend: Sticky Navs

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A web design trend that I have started noticing more frequently are ‘sticky menus’ where the navigation sticks to part of the page will the content scrolls. This great feature for websites with lots of scrolling…

Copyright in Code

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Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, before using open source code in a project make sure you check with a lawyer in your jurisdiction what the implications are. Isn’t it a shame when you see some open

Bringing intellisense back from the dead (Xcode)

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So you’re coding away, everything is coloured nicely so you can distinguish between reserved words, datatypes and variables, but then the unthinkable happens; all your code turns black. Not to worry, you can live without the colours, but when you see the “symbol not found” message and Xcode is no longer autocompleting variables and functions for you, you start the panic. Your development time rolls to a halt and you can no longer quickly jump around from method to method. You realise Xcode has broken it’s intellisense index.

Just some awesome drawings of awesome things

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Just some awesome drawings of awesome things

Cartoon about Browser Standards

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In this week’s blog posts we have all focused how web standards effect our jobs. With all the new HTML5 & CSS3 features available now, browser standards have lead to increasing frustrations in implementing these